Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise covers the following:

  • Gathering and defining the specifications
    - Use of standard tools and methodologies
  • Analysis & Design
    - Use of Object Oriented Analysis to identify the entities, their responsibilities, how they live and interact
    - Use of Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns to map the solution on a particular architecture
    - Design of data models using object-oriented technology
    - Design of sequential and concurrent algorithms
  • Application types
    - Applications that use a multi-tier client-server architecture
    - Internet based applications (J2EE or ASP .NET)
    - Embedded software
    - Mobile applications for Android & iOS
  • Methodologies
    - Rational Unified Process
    - Rapid Development Methodologies
    - Extreme Programming
  • J2EE Application Servers
    - JBoss
    - Oracle/BEA WebLogic
    - IBM WebSphere
  • Programming
    - Java based technologies (J2EE and J2SE)
    - C++ based tools and technologies
    - C# based tools and technologies (.NET)
    - Objective-C (Apple platforms)
  • Development Environment
    - Eclipse, Source Safe, MS Office, MS Project, MS Visual Studio
  • DBMS
    - MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, MySql, PL/SQL
  • Quality Assurance

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