Consulting Software Development Training & Courses
We define ourselves as a software company, all the services we provide to our customers have the software as the central, the main element, either is it about training or courses for programmers, consulting or custom software development.

We provide training and courses based on our experience and expertise. We offer training, a set of courses about general issues related to software development like Object Oriented Programming, programming languages, Design Patterns, Unified Modeling Language or a specific technology related to Java Enterprise or .NET. In addition, we can offer you a personalized training, tailored on your specific backgrounds, needs and goals.

Our software related consulting services are focused on supporting and sustaining software development projects in your organization by consolidating the professional level of the team members, by providing technical and managerial solutions to keep the project on track and within the budget.

You can externalize completely a software development project to us, we'll take care of all the technical and organizational issues in order to complete the project on time. By externalizing the software development to us you can concentrate on your core business.

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