Several projects we were involved in, or we still are:

  • Support for regify project:
    • Mobile clients for Android & iOS platforms - native applications which provide access to regify services
    • Quality Assurance support for regify platform

  • RFID platform for tracking and tracing people and goods. The Platform makes it easier to make innovative operational improvements to both internal processes and across trading partner networks; it provides a foundation for collaboration, automation, and value chain optimization by deriving maximum advantage from RFID, barcode and any other signaling technology. Technologies used for this project: J2EE, J2SE, JBoss, BEA WebLogic, Struts, JSP taglibs, tiles, mySQL & Oracle, Hibernate, JMS, Web Services, JUnit, HTTPUnit, Cactus, ant, Eclipse, XDoclet, etc.

    Tim Shideler, President and CEO (co-founder), VI Agents LLC: We have worked with memIQ for the past eight years and they have earned the right to be one of our most trusted development partners. Their professionalism, skills sets, and the quality of their software has been consistently rated as outstanding by our development team. In addition, working with memIQ is much easier and they are only 1 timezone away from traditional western Europe. We cannot emphasize enough how pleasantly surprised we have been by the quality of the software development that memIQ delivers to us. We experience none of the issues we have historically had to manage that is associated with other outsourced software development companies and the overhead, project management, rework, and risk that we had to manage on each new software development project. memIQ has been very selective in terms of the new software development resources that they bring on-board and assign to our projects. Because they attract the best and the brightest who are eager to learn and apply their talents to interesting projects where they are given significant responsibility early in their careers, we believe memIQ will be able to grow and provide the type of resources and services we need in the future. memIQ provides us with both technical and commercial competitive advantages. December 5, 2010

  • Wireless Seismograph - we were involved in building a prototype for gathering, consolidating and visualization of seismic data used in energy industry. We have used proprietary devices built around an ARM9 based microcontroller, embedded programming in C & C++, gnu/Keil tools, multithreading, radio communications, data transfer communication protocols, time synchronization protocols. The central point was a stand alone program built with Windows Forms and C#.

    Roy Kligfield, Ph.D., CEO, Wireless Seismic: Mr. Dorin Mancu of memIQ was engaged by Wireless Seismic several years ago as the primary group designing, coding and testing the embedded software in our wireless seismic acquisition system. At that time our initial goal was to rapidly develop a working model of the system to prove that the results from our earlier prototypes and theoretical models were valid at both the hardware and software levels.
    memIQ and Mr. Mancu's team of software engineers successfully carried out this difficult assignment despite the geographic issues associated with working with an American based headquarters company. Based on our company's experience, I would strongly recommend memIQ and Mr. Mancu for their high degree of professionalism and technical excellence. January 13, 2011

  • Messaging engine to support all exchanges between different equipments used by a traffic control application. The Engine assures exhaustibility of the entire system, validates, transforms and processes messages, persists the content to database and routes the information to the interested clients. Technologies used for this project: J2EE, BEA Weblogic and JBoss, Oracle, JMS, JMX, Struts, Hibernate, XMLBean, Dozer, JasperReports.
  • iqTAX fully supports the activity of gathering local taxes and fees in Romanian City Halls. It is a multi-tier system, built with Microsoft technologies - ASP .NET, C#, IIS, MS SQL server, Enterprise Library.
  • Kiosk Management System for remote management of kiosk systems; based on J2EE with JBoss and Oracle, Struts, Hibernate, etc.
  • DVD Authoring Server for writing DVDs for a specific industry; based on C++, XML manipulation, DVD oriented libraries, etc.
  • Operations Support System for telecom industry; denotes "all the support systems required to run a Network Operator business", including the Business Support Systems (BSS). Developed modules refer to Workflow Engine, Sales Management, Customer Management, User Management, Order Management, and Provisioning Management, etc. Technologies used: J2EE, Eclipse, ArgoUML, WebSphere, JSP, HTML, DB2.
  • Tools for manipulating proprietary XML documents; automatic GUI generation with Swing based on a XML description. Technology: Eclipse, J2SE.

Information about references and contact persons is available upon request.

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