Since 2004 we provide effective, on-site training for programmers based on our:

  • experience and expertise gained during the development of software projects within our company
  • University teaching and training experience

Besides a standard set of general courses which cover common, general issues in software development we offer personalized courses based on the students´ profile and the organization's needs, we take into account the attendees´ level of knowledge, the goals which have to be achieved. Curricula, the practical work, the rhythm, the particular aspects will be personalized for every class.

Our courses do not remain in the academic domain, they are strongly oriented towards practice. Besides exercises and examples from our own experience, most of our courses will face attendees with projects and practical issues close to the "real projects". This way we overcome a common problem: applying the accumulated theory and knowledge in practice.

To address specific issues or advanced topics we organize workshops and short training sessions mostly for software development teams which can't attend a 5 day (or longer) course.

We can provide you any training or course which is covered by our training competencies.

For personalized courses please contact us so we can review your students' backgrounds and goals, define the best course curriculum to meet your needs, and schedule course sessions.

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to all who attend a general training or course.

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