Training Competencies

  • Object oriented analysis, design and programming (OOA, OOD & OOP) with application on a particular object oriented programming language like Java, C++, C# or Python; even an object oriented programming language provides support to OOP there are particular mechanisms and constructs which differentiates each other

  • UML 2 (Unified Modeling Language) - used in software analysis, design and documentation

  • Design & Architectural Patterns - general (GoF), in concurrent programming, in real-time & embedded programming, in Java Enterprise (JEE)

  • C++ programming language - for beginners or advanced C++ programmers (RTTI, advanced templates issues, particular patterns like smart pointers, etc.)

  • C# programming language, .NET platform and .NET related technologies (mainly Windows Forms, WPF, ASP .NET)

  • Java programming language and Java based technologies - JSE (Java Standard Edition), JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) (architecture, standard, tools, products)

  • Java Enterprise application servers (mainly JBoss & Oracle (BEA) WebLogic)

  • Embedded programming - specific patterns, common issues and problems, particular use of UML

  • Android & iOS native programming - platforms, Objective-C, Swift

  • Interpreted languages - Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP (stand alone scripts or Internet oriented systems)

  • Web front end programming - HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, JQuery

  • Project Management - with particularities related to software development

  • Quality Management - concepts, methods and tools used in quality management, quality management systems

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