Long Courses Curriculum
Programming Languages
[En] [Ro] The C Programming Language
[En] [Ro] The C++ Programming Language
[En] [Ro] Advanced C++ Topics
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of Java
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of C#/.NET
[En] [Ro] Advanced C#/.NET Topics
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of Ruby
[En] [Ro] Advanced Ruby Topics
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of Python
[En] [Ro] Advanced Python Topics
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of Perl
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of COBOL

Object Oriented Programming
[En] [Ro] Design Patterns
[En] [Ro] Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2
[En] [Ro] Object Oriented Programming
[En] [Ro] Aplying UML, OOP and Design Patterns

[En] [Ro] Programming JavaFX
[En] [Ro] Fundamentals of Java Enterprise (JEE)
[En] [Ro] Java Enterprise Design Patterns

[En] [Ro] Programming Windows Presentation Framework (WPF)
[En] [Ro] Programming ASP .NET MVC

[En] [Ro] Web Technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JQuery
[En] [Ro] PHP Security
[En] [Ro] Building Web Applications with Apache, PHP & MySQL
[En] [Ro] Node.js

[En] [Ro] Introduction to Linux
[En] [Ro] Programming Linux

[En] [Ro] Project Management
[En] [Ro] Quality Management

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