Training Services
We provide training related services for professionals involved in software development:
  • technical/skills evaluation;
  • training in order to assure a common set of skills and knowledge to using tools, standards and technologies; usually in new teams the members have a different background and experience, the main goal is to reach a common understanding of the technical subjects - an important premise for good results
  • training on new technical issues required by the (part of) development team for the current or further projects
  • training to increase and exercise the programming skills in using of certain procedures, languages or technologies; a good example is using object oriented programming principles in solving problems, applying of design patterns in real projects, exercising of UML to emphasize a static structure or a certain behavior
  • training focused on preparing technical certifications
  • training on non-technical issues like project management or quality assurance; non-technical skills and knowledge are equally important for a good professional in software development
  • training programs - design and implement a set of courses in order to reach the target competencies; the program starts by evaluating the attendees' competencies; based on the target software profile we elaborate a set of courses, hands on training, practical projects which assure acquiring the mandatory skills required by the target profile. We have experience especially in training programs for Java Enterprise programmers.
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